Monument Signs

Monument signs are one of the most recognized type of exterior signage utilized by a variety of businesses and organizations.

Typically made of a polystyrene core with an armor acrylic finish, monument signs are built to last.

These types of signs are seen at the entrances of property developments or outside a business building.

monument1Such examples are:

  • Outside residential communities
  • Schools and churches
  • Outside office buildings and corporate complex entrances
  • Automobile dealerships
  • Malls and other shopping complexes
  • Non profit or municipal buildings

Monuments come in all shapes and sizes and can be designed and finished to your specifications. Stucco, brick, or stone are some common finishes, but other final products may have:

  • A mounted panel carved with a 23k gold leaf or paint finish.
  • A mounted lighted or LED panel
  • A sand blasted and painted panel
  • Other materials such as acrylic or metal


Monument signs are marquee products and add a level of prestige anywhere they are installed.  Monuments will not rot or rust and will look fantastic for years.

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