Interior Signage

Interior signs, by definition, are signs that are placed or found within the interior of company, organization or dwelling.  From the perspective of corporate branding, interior signs provide an extension of its external message and will extend a company’s market visibility.  However, there are instances where internal signs are a matter of compliance, such as ADA and safety signage.

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Examples of interior signs include:

  • Lobby or reception area – signs that would match your company logo or other external branding.  They are designed to provide a consistent look and feel to you brand message.
  • Window decals and graphics – anything placed on an office door or window space, this form of sign can be anything from posted office hours on an office door to a full decorative graphic covering a storefront presence.
  • Wall graphics – come in the form of digital wallpaper, they can be used to cover a portion or a whole wall and can really enhance the atmosphere of your business.  These are great for retail, restaurant or office space.
  • Directory signs – used to communicate what offices are in a building space and where they are located, directory signs can be as simple as an office numbering layout, to a whole building map, such as what you might find in a large mall.
  • ADA signs – the American with Disabilities Act requires certain signs, especially in public buildings to have certain specifications with regards to letter or number font, size, character spacing and location of sign placement on a wall or door.
  • Safety signs – are your emergency exits and evacuation routes clearly marked?  If not, you may be in need of this type of sign.  Required by municipal and build codes, safety signs provide direction to a safe place in the event of an emergency.
  • Menu boards – are great for restaurants, office cafeterias, as well as taverns and other eating establishments.  They come in a variety of forms and provide customer information on menu selection and pricing.

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